Special Bespoke Orders

I constantly get emails asking if I can do a certain type of design or a special order. But all my orders are 'Special'. You can have anything you like (within reason) on any of the products on this website and if you don't see what you want, please enquire. I may be able to source a product for you.

I've written this article to show some of the Special Requests I've had over the years, so you can be confident of asking for your own designs

This was a box requested by a wife
for her husband for a 5th Wedding
Anniversary as they'd got married in
Las Vegas

A Box replicating a piece of Children's Art

A Trinket box commisssioned for a
keen tennis player on his
60th Birthday


A simple reminder plaque

A door plaque for a Frozen Fan

Playschool Plaques ordered at the
end of every school year


Keyrings request in a Wolf Wedding theme

This keyring was to celebrate
someone's home made Mead

This time a Panda wedding theme


Coasters with scanned children's art
reproduced for a Father's Day Gift

Engraved leather keyrings for
music students from their teacher

For these keyrings I was asked to
replicate a tattoo photo



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